Wetton Mill   11-10-11

Well, as the lads have said, the sun was shining and the sky was blue when I rocked up at Kings Bromley and almost a full compliment of Swines were waiting for the off. Within minutes Dec, Tez and Wolfie+1 arrived. So, at the appointed hour we headed North and the cloud started to build. By the time we made a brief stop on the Weaver Hills the weather was looking decidedly iffy, with rain in the air and sheep shit on the ground, we headed on to the Windy Ridge Cafe. After much filling of faces and drinking of tea everyone seemed reluctant to move on. But, a bit of rain never hurt anyone  Undecided so we set off again for Leek and the Roaches and into the murk, it was at this time that Tez had his argument with a 4x4. Fortunately it only resulted in a broken footrest and not broken bones. With no view of the weird rock formations or the wallabies we pressed on across the moors. Cloud base was somewhat lower than the 1400ft we were at! You can't ride a motorcycle and feel your way with a stick; I did try. As we descended to Wetton Mill visibility returned but it was just as wet. Don't think the lady in the cafe was impressed, when a bunch of soggy old blokes piled in and evicted half a dozen ramblers, but this late in the season any trade is good trade. After drinking of tea and much talking of bollocks we set off again, heading south to Ilam where the sun started to shine and rainbows appeared in the sky. We continued our way south to Kings Bromley via Uttoxeter with Tez, Priit and Pete peeling off to go their own separate ways. Another 10 minutes talking bollocks at Kings Bromley then home in the evening sunshine.  Smiley 



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