Warwickshire Roads 2009

A nice ride planned out for us by Roy, and we had a real great day for it! The sun shone all day long and there was only 1 hiccup, when Victoria decided to eat the end off another throttle cable. Well that's 4 of them broke in 3 years, so there's still a problem with the rotator. We met at Bikers World in Coleshill at 11:30 am, all very civilised, and apart from Roy, Rod, John and myself there were another couple of fellows joined us. One on a bullet and the other on a Suzuki V-Strom, he had not long sold his Enfield, but we aint prejudiced anyway!

From there we went on some lovely back roads to the Hatton Locks, where Roger a.k.a  Lone Rider had come over from his neck of the woods to meet us on a very nice cafe racer 535. All the bikes were looking and sounding great, and as usual with these bikes there was plenty of interest from the passers by and the usual questions. Sun, a nice place, company and a Bullet, it don't get much better does it?

The other fellows Rods pals from Brum that came along, left us at this point to go to a Steam Fair in Redditch I think. We carried on through Warwick, and down the old A41 to Banbury, a marvellous bit of road with a good climb up Warmington. Just on the outskirts of Banbury I had the throttle cable go, but between us we soon had the spare fitted and were off again on what was one of the very nicest roads between Banbury and Stratford on Avon.

It was a truly beautiful road and the scenery is fantastic, all brown stone cottages, hills and marvellous views. At Stratford we parked by the river and proceeded to the chippie, at 5.50 for fish and chips it was a bit steep, but we all were starving by then! before we all left and went our respective ways back home, one of Mr Hitchcock,s bold employees spotted us and came over to say hello, howdy Mark if you ever read this, I'll race you on that old Suzuki one of the days, if you dare! ;)


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