The Stinkwheel Show Sept 20th 2009


A great day all round, and things really came together well at first. I met Keith in Lichfield, we got to the Ashby road, decided to go to the first lay-by, and lo and behold Rod and Mal were there already, great minds thinking alike. To cap it all, John pulled in as well right behind us. The lads reported a low flying trike, with the Wolf on, doing a steady 80 apparently!

We did pretty well with the old tech sat nav, e.g. my Mrs on the back shouting instructions from a bit of paper hanging off a lanyard, but just a few miles off I took a wrong turn which led us into the back of beyond. John then took over but turned into a brick yard, Rod then took over with his hi-tech satnav thing, and nearly got piled up by a loose Shetland pony!

We went off and lost Mal and John, Rod went back, on a fast bike you see, to see if he could find them. Keith turned up, then Mal and Rod came back, but no John! So after a bit of dithering we decided to set off again, hoping he'd get there anyway. Just as we neared the Beaumanor, who is there in a lay-by helmet off, yepp, it was John! He'd stopped to round the pony up, and gave it to some gippos' that apparently would then eat it for dinner! 

The show was great, there was enough to see, but not too much. We saw the Wolf there, and also met Qwerty right at the end, we were wondering if we would meet, but Im glad to say we did, albeit late. I got some real bargain panniers that apparently smell of goats, and things goats'll have to ask Rod!

Anyway, after another bit of a Leics mystery tour we got to a place called Shakerstone (?) to a real nice old railway where you can get great tea and cakes but does cost a quid for the platform ticket. The road is very "interesting" and an off road bike definitely a boon. I was riding like a pouf because I had her indoors on the back, plus the goat-piss panniers!

After some great conversation and refreshments we headed back via some gorgeous lanes to Tamworth and said tarra till next time. Excellent day all round, couldn't have wished for better. Lots of photos to follow!



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