Steam Party, Draycott in the Clay June 2010

Nice place, good day out and then a ride to Foxfield Railway

Firstly me and the Memsahib saddled up Victoria and then met up with Keith, Pete, Rod and Malc in the layby at Kings Bromley, since none of them were actually on the Bullet, all were hoping I'd get them in for free! They had seen Decca and Paul go past as we were running a little late due to the thunder storms in the night. The weather men had predicted foul weather so a few of us were in probably what you'd call winter gear. This proved to be a pain in the arse as the sun soon arrived and shone brightly!

At the venue we were loosed in for free and Decca and Paul were allready parked inside, the organisers had changed the parking place from our usual spot, since there are apparently a lot of bikes showing these days and the engines struggle to get round for them. After a short while we were also joined by Steve (Grandad Beard) Terry Newcombe, and John Flyfish. So hot did it get in fact that after a few hours at the show, and after a feed, we all decided to go on a ride to cool off. The Triumph owners club duly arrived, and were consigned to the neighbouring field, oh dear! Midland Bulls had took nearly all the places, and just to make their day complete, Keith carded them! Hehe!

Dec and Paul and Steve then headed off for home, so after a bit of a conflab we decided to make our way the long way round to Foxfield Railway Station which is close to Blythe Bridge, Terry rode with us till Ashbourne, the headed off east to home. This is a cracking little venue, and since we went via some really beautiful lanes, it was a good addition to the day out even though it was unplanned. Some had a beer, some had tea, and some had cake! :) There were a few engines to see, a good natter, and then the heavans opened and supplied us with the promised rain. We were undeterred and went home via Hilderstone Sandon and Rugeley where we all went on our respective ways. Great day out!

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