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 A collection of handy Royal Enfield resources.

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These resources have been bought together from all over the Internet, and also from personal collections and experiences, they are designed to help with the ownership and enjoyment of a Royal Enfield.

All of these resources are either in the public domain, or have been linked with permission obtained.

This is a Japanese Parts Book, but don't worry, it's in English!

Euro Bearings information, useful links from Yahoo member Johann

An explanation of British Cycle Thread. Many old Royal Enfield's use this thread, and it is different to other Imperial Thread pitches, all of which can be found on the same site. A good resource for the pre metric bikes.

Re-lacing a wheel. They actually use a Royal Enfield Bullet wheel as well, very handy for us!

Measuring wheels for spokes. Another handy bit of wheel info.

Parts for the Mikarb. They are actually bona-fide Mikuni spares, but I am informed the carbs are basically the same, and the real Mikuni bits will fit.

Boyer Brandsen Mk3 Fitting instructions, these are scanned in copies of the sheet that comes with the MK3

Part 1

Part 2

Here is an interesting test of the 1950's Redditch built 350 Royal Enfield Bullet. The Motor Cycle 350 Bullet Road-test

And of course the we need the original Redditch Royal Enfield 500 too, Part 1 and Part 2

Here is the Mikuni VM Carburettor manual useful for the Mikarbs also as I believe they're fundamentally the same carb, Carburettor Manual.

Here is a great little resource all about the Albion 4-speed gearbox, written by Mauro Werder who has kindly gave me permission to link it here! 4-Speed Gearbox

An article on Piston Seizures I thought this might interest some!

A diagram (Quasi animated) of the Royal Enfield 4 speed Albion gearbox. (.pdf file)  Produced with permission, by Les Howard.

A spreadsheet to work out what revs the Bullet engine is doing at various speed with various gearing.

History of the UK built Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet, Service manual. (.pdf files)  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Royal Enfield UCE Service manual  (.pdf file)

Royal Enfield EFI Serivce manual (.pdf file)

350/500 Wiring diagram for the Bullet. A quick reference guide.

Electra EFI wiring diagram Colour coded

Tuning for speed. (.pdf file) A tuners bible written by P.E. Irving, for anyone interested in getting the most out of an engine.

Two-Stroke Tuners  Handbook by Gordon Jennings (.pdf file)

Royal Enfield EFI Wiring and Circuit Diagrams  (.pdf file)

A selection of Royal Enfield and other interesting information.

Royal Enfield Euro 4 Service manual (.pdf file)

Royal Enfield 650 Twin Service manual (.pdf file) For the new Interceptor & Continental GT

Porting a Bullet head  (.pdf file)  Courtesy of Tollgate Classics