Millmeece Steam & Classic Bike Show, and Foxfields Railway 2010

It was a shame for the organisers that the show this year didn't work out as well as in previous years, and in fact it's a good job the Midland Bulls went there as there were very few other bikes, and just a few stationary engines ect. We can only imagine the clash with the Shugborough Hall show did this. Ah well, we still all had a great day, but it's a shame for the place as they rely on making a few bob for the upkeep.

Tom and Keith came round mine to start with, well correction, Malc and Rod did turn up first really on the Pan, but they were an hour early so decided to shoot off somewhere for a bite to eat. Then when Ecka turned up on the Harley we set off round the lanes via Penkridge Levedale, Bradley, Ranton, Haughton, Ellenhall, Norton Bridge and then onto the A519 for just a few miles to Millmeece. It's quite likely I could remove that last few miles on the A road with a bit of map stigging!

As I said, the show was quiet, but we got a birds eye view of the first engine starting, and had a real good conversation with the blokes there concerning the engines which was interesting. By this time another mate of mine joined us, Mick on his ZZR 1200, who wouldn't have thanked me for the lanes route anyway! :) We all then piled into the cafe for pies and cake, these were up to standard as usual and we all had a great laugh. Then we were joined by Terry and Pete, further swelling the bulls ranks, and that was a good thing since the few bikes that were there about half had bailed out by then! Then Wolfie turned up on the big blue trike which was a welcome sight.

After some good banter ect it was decided to go to Foxfield Railway for a bit of a ride, so I led us to Stone where John took over and took us to Foxfield. There a really weird coincidence occurred, both Tom and meself had broken clutch cables! Well, they were 3/4 through and both had to be changed. John saved the day for Tom and borrowed him a cable, I had my own, but it was the wrong type as mine is a Magura controls jobbie. No matter, the helpfull volunteers modified the nipple to fit, and me and Ecka made the cable long enough by taking the end off and stripping the outer cable back.

The other jammy gits got some oatcakes down them, but they were all gone by the time my cable was fitted, never mind, and a licensed bar always helps relieve the stress! :D But the Bull was not finished, while on the A51, I stamped a bit hard on the back brake, which duly did some damage to the anchor and locked the wheel solid while me and the memsahib slid over a red light, what larks! haha!

All was well however, and with a bit of help from me friends we were soon off and running and I managed to get home OK. All in all a marvellous day out, it was mine and the brides 23rd wedding anniversary and we got dry sunny skies, good roads, great company good snap and laughs and all the rest besides!



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