Mike Hailwood Memorial Rideout.

Sunday March 21st 2010


Well, apart from my own personal disaster, it was a really great day. I got to Bracebridge Street around 10 ish after a great ride down the motorway thinking wow, this thing is so good at speed!

John was there with the combo and Millie, also good to meet Decca500 and his pal there. Next to arrive was Rog, Rod, and Malc (his 350 also broke down) Rod's mate Pete on the V-Star and finally turned up Roy made up our numbers. What a scene it was in the street, there must have been over 150 bikes, an old pal of mine from Cannock was there with the Ducati owners. Took a few pics, but didn't feel up to the long walk down the street.

The Cops were great, and blocked all the roads off for us on the ride to Tanworth. Again, lovely scenes in the lanes at Tanworth. Rog and Roy both left us there and me John, Malc, Rod and Pete went off to Bourton, with the promise of sun and a great chippy all was well, till blatting along the A46, the 612 decided enough was enough, clattering like a good un and hot and smokey cut out in a layby and refused to start again.

John was kind enough to fetch me some nosh and a drink, and the lads carried on to Bourton as I waited for the RAC. John decided to stay with me and time went by quick as we nattered and watched the dog enjoying herself!

Well, all I need to do is fix both me bulls again in time for this excellent spring and summer what we WILL be getting! :D



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