Idle Swines Lake Vrynwy


We had a great day for this ride in the end, the weather was supposed to be sunny intervals, and it was a bit cool early on, but we got the sun and all went well. First to arrive at mine was Priit, followed by Steve and Terry, then Decca, and finally Kieran who unfortunately missed the charlady, sorry mate!  Grin

A steady-ish bimble then all the way down the old A5 to Shrewsbury was quite pleasant and we only had to resort to the new Dual Carriageway for a few miles to the Welshpool road. Stopped at Dinky's Dinah where Rod met us and since he had just had a breakfast there was a spare slice of toast going so I blagged that!  Cool

The next arrival was John Fly and was totally unexpected, he turns up like the Spanish Inquisition who no-one expects...according to Monty Python! The swines were then fed and watered and so made off to the Lake. I didnt do too bad till 4-Crosses where the road signs after the turn finally got me foxed and I handed the reigns over to John who knew the way well. At a set of lights I asked John to have a bimble round the lake, thinking it was a couple of miles....err no, arse was aching when we finally pulled up. I think it was nearly 10 miles round.

The lakes a great place with a hide to see birds (feathered) a shop and a cafe with rolls royce prices. Here Priit and Rod decided they wanted to go to Barmouth, no more takers, so saying tarra off they went! We had a bite and a natter, walked up to the Dam and visited the hide then made off in a different direction, I did think I was lost for while, but all was well in the end. I did in fact take a wrong turn towards the end of the stint but it didnt matter.

We had a short break for a cuppa from the flask in a massive layby on the old A5, then made our way down to the dual carriageway round Shrewsbury at a bull friendly 50mph, and finally back onto some sensible roads to Buildwas and Ironbrige, cake tea and a pastie, and all were sorted then and off we went to our homes. Great day out, good weather, good mates, good roads and a bullet, cant beat it!  Cheesy

Theres also a few photos of the valley road that the Barmouth two took, very nice and worthy of a bimble in the future maybe!


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