Bridgenorth Area Ride-out May 3rd 2009

The first get together of the season was a really good day out! Here's the report:

The ride out I think went very well, me and the bride met Pete at the Spreadeagle Pub as planned at 10a.m, but he was lucky to get there on time since the M6 round Stafford was closed and resulted in the local roads being gridlocked! Roy turned up from Solihull, and it was good to meet Dave W and son on pillion, with his nice silver 65. Tom couldn't make it unfortunately due to another commitment.

This made 4 bullets in all, 2 deluxe models and 2 65's! It was a bit cold, and the chosen meeting place in Bewdley was closed to traffic as there was a holiday event going on, with Severn side North closed to vehicles, and market stands all round. But nevertheless it all went to plan, a sympathetic pub landlord allowed us to assemble a while till all that would turn up had done.

We set off along the B-road to Kinlet and Highley, not a long way but a marvellous road, and we enjoyed a cuppa at the Bridgenorth Severn Valley Railway cafe. There was an old gent there that loved the bikes and wished he could get one, but he said I'm Australian and there aint any of them over there! We soon put him right about that, and told him there was a healthy R.E presence down under!

Setting off on the next B-road that leads to Brosely, another cracking if short run, via Jackfield over the modern bridge and then had some lunch at Ironbridge, pasties and sausage rolls by the bridge as there aint a cafe to be seen. The bullets of course attracted some attention as usual, and I think we can call Roy "Judge Roy Bean", as he was roped in by another riding club at Ironbridge to judge their best turned out bike competition! wink lol

The bikes ran like clockwork, or so I believe, 2 of us were running 2-up and with many a steep little climb, yet the bikes pulled strong. I really enjoyed the roads, they were great, typical bullet roads and dry too! Like I say, if it would have been warmer it would have been about perfect! Dave and son Jack left us at Ironbridge and went off to Shrewsbury and home, me Pete and Roy then continued down to Coalport on the needle thin road past the Gorge Museum, then onto the A442 at Sutton Maddock and back to Bridgenorth where we parted for our homes.


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