Bridgenorth Area Ride-out April Fools Day 2010

The first get together of the season featuring the Sub-Aqua Six!

The ride started from my house when 3 of the lads arrived, Bob, Steve and Kieran. It was pretty good how they all turned up at the same time, seeing as Bob and Steve had come over from the Burton area, and Keirans a Cannock-ite. There was a bit of snow still on the cars from the previous night, and it was a bit parky, but the sun was out and we were willing! The phone went, and it was Priit, he got jammed up by a smash in the Hinkley area, and in spite of having a go, we never managed to meet up, next time eh!

We got off at 10 as planned, but Decca had not seen the latest posts concerning the times, and so had been hanging round in Finnings layby since 9:30, we went via Gaily, and through the back end of Perton and Brewood ect. The roads were damp, but there was some sun and it seemed that we were in for dary wrong that was! :) Finally getting to the Royal Oak, I caught site of the back of a bike and it did have the look of a bull about it, but due to caravans ect I couldnt catch up.

When we arrived at Quatford, Paul was allready in the cafe getting a sarnie down him, and we all followed suit. Its a damned good cafe really and they do a smashing coffee. There weren't many bikers about as it is still a bit early for most, and being a week day it was quieter still and we ended up pretty well with the place to ourselves, just a few Beemers and Japs on the car park. A 1972/3 Atkinson Searcher came on the park and I took the opportunity for a natter and a few photos.

We waited an hour to see if anyone else might turn up then set off for the 2nd leg of the ride, just a couple of miles and the rain set in, and it also went very cold, still, not to be daunted on we went starting to resemble frogmen, the warmth of the Severn Valley Railway cafe was welcome indeed! Another cuppa ...and sandwich for some....NOT ME! haha! Then we went on the final leg via Broseley and finally to Ironbridge for the traditional pasty. Rain rain and more rain! We all said we'd had a good day out and it was great to meet new freinds and old, cant wait for the next ride out, and hopefully some sunshine. I must say though, I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this ride, in spite of the inclement weather. Great day lads! :)


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