Swines Oatcake Run

There were 6 bikes in all attended, me, Keith, Bob & Holly, Steve, Terry and Pete. The first strange thing was all were Bulls, Anyway, we got off at Ten, went the lanes way down the gorge to Ironbridge, then a few of us gorged ourselves on the famous pasties which are really nice and very good for them on a calorie controlled diet!  ;)

From here we took the road up through Buildwas and Leithon which is really a cracking road with a view of the Severn Ox Bow, turning off up the side of Attingham Park to Uffington. There was some really nice lanes in the Roden and Poynton area and one old feller cutting his hedge was waving like mad and thumbs up as the bulls came through. The A53 is a nice enough road, but a tad fast in some places. When we stopped for a tea in a layby a mint kawasaki triple, I think a 500 went past twice, it looked and sounded a treat!

Just as we enetered the town of Newcastle Under Lyme I lost sight of the pack. The phone went, it was Keith to tell me Bob had broke down. So we turned back to see what the problem was, a rear wheel puncture. Luckilly Steve was equipped a bit like International Rescue and with our help soon had Bob back in the saddle,  Not for long though as we were only about half a mile from DK! In a nutshell the oatcakes were great, the shop was not. Last time I went there it was full of old stuff, mostly new Jap bikes now, but we still made the best of it.

From here Pete led the way to Mow Cop, what a place! The views were spectacular and although I was up the top like a mountain goat some of the poor old geezers were a bit out of puff!  ;) ;D After a nice doss about and a natter to take in all the views we set off, but soon it was a bit like the Keystone Cops meets the banana splits and to cut a long story short 2 groups emerged from the confusion, me Keith and Terry, and Pete Bob and Steve. Luckilly we all got backl safe and sound though on different roads.

We waved terry off in Leek and then made our way via Cellarhead and Stone to Milford for smashing fish and chips. The we waved keith off on the Walsall Road Cannock to go in the Stumble inn for a couple, got back at 10pm, what a great day out!  8)

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